My top 10 Beauty products of 2015.

I tried a lot of makeup and skincare products this year, some of them good, some of them not so much. Below I've listed my ten most loved products. I'm not a snob. I don't care about labels; what I'm concerned about is the functionality and quality of the product. That being said, I want the highest quality ingredients in the products I use. Say I have  choice between eyeshadows hand pressed in france, or made in a questionable location somewhere in the third world, I'm going with france. Quality is key.

Everything listed below is available to purchase in Australia, click the photo to find out more about each product.

What were your favourite products this year?

10. Dr Dennis Gross Skincare: Alpha Double Peel.

This two step chemical exfoliator is a gentle, yet effective, way to exfoliate the skin. It uses blends of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids to gently remove dead skin cells resulting in a clean, glowing complexion. I love this product because its gentle enough for my incredibly reactive and skin, and it actually works. After using your skin feels smoother, tighter and cleaner. I use this bad boy twice a week, but the older you are, the more you should use it. Coming in at $23 for five treatments, they're pricey, but incredibly worthwhile.

9. Eye of Horus: Smokey Black Goddess Pencil.

A must have for fans of the smoky eye. Eye of Horus have managed to create an eye pencil that is both creamy and gentle on the eyes, but waterproof and longlasting. This pencil glides on the waterline like butter, but once it sets it won't move. Amazing! Eye of Horus products are not tested on animals, made from all natural ingredients and paraben free. Definitely a cult product in the making, it is comparable to a certain Urban Decay pencil eyeliner, but so much better.

8. Makeup Weapons: 1.4 Dome Foundation Brush

If you'd asked me six months ago whether I'd spend $42 on a foundation brush, my answer would have been 'Hell no!' That was before I tried this incredible brand. This foundation brush is impeccably made and feels nice and weighty in your hand. It blends creams and powders perfectly. The entire makeup weapons range is made from synthetic fibers, but they feel and perform like natural haired brushes. Cruelty free, and made from entirely sustainable products, I really cannot get enough of these brushes.  The combination of black and rose gold is so pretty.

7. Bareminerals: Complexion Rescue Gel.

I hate wearing foundation. I hate how it feels. I hate how it melts off my face in summer. I hate that if I want to look professional, I'm required to slap the stuff on. This product makes me hate wearing foundation a little less. It feels beautiful on and gives a lovely glowing coverage. It contains a physical sunscreen to protect the skin and is incredibly hydrating. I do wish it came in more shades, and at $43 it's not cheap. Definitely worth looking into if you share my frustration with traditional foundation formulas. As it is a water based product, if you try to use it on top of a silicone based primer or with a silicone based concealer it will bunch up. Know your ingredients!

6. Ellis Faas: Glow Up.

These beautiful highlighting powder give the skin an almost etheral glow, without emphasising fine lines or looking like a disco ball. I've used these powders on pretty much every makeup on this site, either as a highlighter, eyeshadow or finishing powder. They come in three different shades and are suitable for most skin tones, barring the deepest of the deep. I much prefer this type of lit from within highlighting powder over the super shiny powders for everyday use; they are much more flattering

5. Hourglass: Ambient Lighting Palette.

These products are definitely misunderstood. They are not setting powders, they are not going to make your makeup last any longer. They are finishing powders, so, when buffed over the skin they create the most beautiful finish. Pores, imperfections and fine lines are blurred and the skin looks healthy and luminous. Dim light looks beautiful buffed all over the face, and is great for bringing life back to an overly matte complexion. The other two powders are beautiful on the high points of the face, or as eyeshadows all over the lid. The price of these do sting, but once you start using them you won't be able to stop. 

4. Eyeko London: Brow Gel

A cult brow product that thickens, defines and sets brow hairs for the perfect natural look. This magical formula is transparent enough to look natural, but builds well to add create depth and colour to the brows. A must have for those with sparse brows to build them up, or those already gifted with strong brows to sweep them into shape. 

3. Erin Bigg Cosmetics: Waterproof Lip Liners.

These lipliners were a game changer for me. Deeply pigmented colour, that is completely smudgeproof and waterproof. I know I can put these on a client's lips and they will not budge. They also make any lip colour applied on top last much longer as well. I only wish there was a larger colour range!

2. Kevyn Aucion: Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlers are such an underrated beauty tool. By curling the lashes you open the eye and make them appear larger and more awake. If you curl your lashes before putting on mascara, you'll use less product and get a far better result! The Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler is the Rolls Royce of lash curlers. Everything from the high shine stainless steel frame to the decedent royal red pad is designed to get the perfect curl every time. 

1. Viseart: 12 Shadow Palette- 01 Neutral Basic Mattes.

The original and the best. These eyeshadows cannot be duplicated or replaced. Amazing pigmentation combined with incredible blendability make these eyeshadows so easy to use. This palette is great for eyes, contouring, blush, brows and anything else you can think of. Every single shadow is hand made in France, so there's none of that private label china nonsense here. The quality of these shadows is second to none. They retail at $99 for nine shadows or $11 per shadow, which is incredibly reasonable when you consider the quality of the product.